Aerovent has been known for providing high quality fans for the agricultural industry for more than 60 years. Our fans are used in a wide variety of agricultural applications: Panel Fans for applications such as raw vegetable (potatoes & onions) storage, Vaneaxial and Mixed Flow Fans for grain (corn & wheat) drying and conditioning, heavy duty Tubeaxial Fans for deep freezing piles of unprocessed sugar beets, Plenum Fans for low temperature warehouse storage of packaged food products, Air Make-Up Units for poultry and meat processing plants and Vaneaxial Towers for the cryogenic flash freezing of an assortment of dairy products, meats and vegetables.

Typical Applications:
- Raw Product Storage
- Flash Freezing
- Low Temperature Product Warehousing
- Grain Drying
- Grain Bin Aeration
- Sugar Beet Preservation
- Feed Mill Pneumatic Grain Conveying Systems