Are you GridSmart?

As the demand to reduce energy consumption continues to shape the future of the fan industry, Aerovent's new line of GridSmart Variable Frequency Drives can help get you on the fast track for meeting your energy reduction initiatives. The main advantage or the GridSmart VFD is the energy cost savings associated with speed control. When using belts, sheaves to match the required speed, the motor still runs at full speed. A GridSmart VFD reduces the actual motor speed, which reduces the amps consumed by the motor. This reduction save on the utility bill. When starting up a fan system, the GridSmart VFD reduces the in-rush current and reduces the problems associated with starting motors across the line.  While the average energy savings varies from system to system, the initial cost of a VFD will quickly pay for itself—resulting in reduced operating costs and maintenance over the life  of your fan and motor.  The amount of energy that a GridSmart VFD saves depends on the average load of the motor and the number of hours per day it operates.  If the flow is reduced by half, the power will be reduced by 87.5%!!!  If your application requires a variable load, consider the GridSmart VFD.



·        Competitive pricing

·        Reduced energy consumption & operating costs

·        Optimizes motor operation to match the requirements of the system

·        Allows equipment to operate at lower speeds, extending the life of the equipment and reducing maintenance

·        Eliminates the need for dampers, inlet vanes and soft starters